19 May 2009

Optical Illusion

Optical illusion that works!

Big English Breakfast

It's at Mario's Cafe in Westhoughton near Manchester, and if you can eat the lot without a drink in 20 minutes, then you get it free (normally a tenner).

The breakfast contains: 10 eggs, 10 bacon, 10 sausage, 10 toast, 5 black puddings, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms!

Honestly £10 for the lot is not a bad deal at all...

Comic Rewrite Contest Winning Entry

Introducing the Study Ball

It’s the ideal gadget for students who have trouble concentrating. This prison-style ball and chain with built-in timer will help you study.

[Study Ball]

Calm Cat

Random Images

by Dmitry Chapala

by Willpower [Flickr]

by Olivia Frølich

13 May 2009

Digitigrade legs

I would love to have these when I was a kid.
It's quite gross on a lady imo.

Reblogging from my new favourite blog

Justin Blyth (NSFW)

Ball trick

Sweet trick. Viewers probably should not try this at home.

How Samsung did it

Solution the Samsung I8910 camera phone ad. I was pretty sure that the mirror was a HD TV:(

09 May 2009

The End of the Rainbow

The Irish leprechaun's secret hiding place for his pot of gold is usually said to be at the end of the rainbow. Clearly the gold is buried.

This amazing photo is captured along the northbound carriageway of the Highway 241 toll road in Orange County, California by amateur photographer Jason Erdkamp's iPhone.

via mirror.co.uk

Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

Something for the Futurama fans.

Ikea at Milan 09

Above: IKEA PS SVARVA by Front

It is obvious that Ikea got the idea from the Flexpod Flexible Tripod. But I really hope this goes into production.

via Dezeen

07 May 2009

The Final Countdown


Sartorialist Kid

This kid dresses better than most grown-ups.

via The Satorialist

Red Neck Tank Top

New trend in fashion! Great way to reuse stained underwear...

via themovieblog.com

04 May 2009

Funny Test Answer

Funny test answer.

Angry Turtle is Angry

This turtle is mad at you.

Meal Idea

Stick spaghetti through chucks of sausages and boil them all together. Genius.

via Yay Hooray

Parasite Wasp

A parasite wasp injects its eggs into a caterpillar host. The eggs soon develop into fully matured larvae and they bite their way out of the caterpillar's skin.

More incredibily the caterpillar stays alive and protects the larvae by spinning its silk onto the larvae. You have to see it to believe it.