18 April 2009

How to download Flickr's protected images

Tired of getting spaceball.gif everytime you try to save protected images from Flickr? This post will show you how to get over it.

You need Mozilla Firefox web browser for both methods. [download]

Method 1
This is the generic method for sites that don't allow saving of images (eg. works with lookbook.nu too!)

1. Open the desired protected Flickr page. [example]

2. Right click on a blank space and look for View Page Info. Try another space if you cannot find View Page Info.

3. Select on View Page Info and a new window will pop up.

4. Click on the Media icon at the top of the page. You need to find the desired image from the list of items in the middle of the page and click on Save As.

6. To speed up the process, click the button above the right hand scrollbar and select Size. The photo that you want is usually the largest in size.

Method 2
This works only when you use Firefox to download Flickr protected images.

It turns out that you can download the protected images by right-clicking on the bottom border of the image, and click on Save Image As as usual. The last row of pixels of the image is not download-protected.

You may need to practice couple times to get the correct position.

Note: Please respect the copyright policies of the image owners. This post is for illustrative purposes only.

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